Terms of Service

sellersell the largest SEO services supplier in the world would like your awareness about the terms and conditions before you use the sellersell SEO panel.

  • Administrators can remove/suspend any account that violate rules and regulations of sellersell panel
  • Admins have the ability to cancel any order that violates our guidelines.
  • Sharing your username and password with friends is strictly prohibited.
  • You are allowed to use one account on sellersell panel.
  • You need to add funds to your account before you order
  • There is no refund for the paid balance back to you, Only panel refunds to your sellersell account.
  • Each order you make have a Unique Order ID.
  • If you need a support , contact us with the order id .
  • Each order* will be completed in 24 hours
  • Completed orders** will be emailed to your email address provided in signup.

For Social Media Service Orders -

  • Before you put the order please double check the links , category you order, Service you order, as there is no way to cancel once the order is placed.
  • Don't place orders for the same link if the first order is not completed / in-progress or Pending status, Or if you having an active order for the same link from some where else don't place that order until you get a resolution from the first order.Because we are not ready to argue.
  • We guarantee only for the services what we delivered.
  • Read the service description carefully, it may change with the time according to server updates.